HYLTON-RODIC LAW PLLC is a cutting-edge intellectual property law firm focused on using technology to efficiently provide the highest quality legal service that meets each client’s strategic business objectives, and which is responsive and cost-effective.  Our team is business savvy with strong scientific backgrounds.  Additionally, our team has a combined experience of more than 30 years and has large firm and in-house experience.  

At HYLTON-RODIC LAW PLLC we appreciate that our legal advice does not exist in a vacuum and is an important part of a business decision.  We make it our business to understand each client’s business and its needs, and formulate solutions that always take the business context into account. 

HYLTON-RODIC LAW PLLC provides a wide range of intellectual property services including patent procurement, patent portfolio development and management, patent-related risk assessment, trade secrets, trademarks, and licensing.  Our clients run the gamut from start-ups to large multinational companies.